21 November, 2010

Hike-life parallels

I went for a hike up and over the "home mountain" of Graz. Schöckl, peaking at 1450 metres, has some rougher terrain testing your physics but also rewards the effort with some really beautiful sights. This time, however, the weather was extremely foggy, with visibility dropping sometimes to less than 10 m. Luckily, the clouds in the air seemed do make the clouds in my head vanish for once.

I reflected some bit on the weather and realized, how much the hike actually resembled life in general: at times you work extra hard and still it seems that the steep incline is endless. At times you're completely in the fog and can't really see at all where you're going. You might even take a wrong turn and wander in the fog for a while before figuring out how to get to the main road. Feeling adventurous, you might also get off the main highway, just to discover a beautiful forest path almost unused.

And just you're getting back down, damning the cursed fog to the depths of hell for spoiling everything: a gust of wind and the fog clears, revealing some of the most beautiful sights you've ever seen. And you instantly know remember why you chose that path - because you knew the sights were there. You had hoped for the fog to clear. And then it did just that.

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