03 May, 2012

Back from the Hole

Whew. It’s been an interesting, yet a pretty awful, few weeks. I’ve been totally swamped with two very large assignments, worth of 9 credits in total, and both made for companies. The other one went really well, I think – the other one not so, to make a huge understatement. I got to analyze some statistics and do some VBA programming to simulate the operation of the company logistics in the Helsinki region. Some serious data crunching meant I spent 42 hours doing just one assignment last week, not to mention an essay and job-related stuff on top. Awful, to say the least.

On the other hand, it was in a perverse way very much fun to really concentrate on one issue so fully, and to really give it all we got. But still, I have to admit 60 hour work weeks really aren’t my cup of tea.
All that behind me, the upcoming months are looking a lot more interesting. Reading for the entrance exams are back in the picture. Oddly enough, I still enjoy Frege, Hilbert & co. very much, with only three weeks to go. Maybe it is actually interesting, although a friend of mine remarked “you just haven’t been reading enough yet”. Well, we’ll see if that changes.

Another inspirational thing has been my first major course: Advanced Course in Leadership. I’ve got to write some interesting stuff about philosophy of science regarding leadership and enjoyed it immensely. The only drawback being that the number of articles to read weekly has pretty much doubled because of the course.

Oh, and a half marathon is coming up in two days. The aim is to break my record (and first result ever on the 21,1 km), meaning I’m aiming under 1.22.38. We’ll see how that turns out. All the assignments and Vappu hit pretty much at the worst possible moment from the race point of view, but still I’m semi-confident. It’s psychologically a very important race for the autumn marathon.

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